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Most Wickets In ODI Cricket So Far (2022)

Who takes most wickets in ODI innings?

Sri Lanka’s former player and their best spinner to date, Muttiah Muralitharan have taken the most wickets in ODI (One Day Internationals). There can be no greater achievement for a bowler than to take wickets in the time of need for his team and country and make them win matches.

If we talk about cricket, then the team depends on the best performance of their batsmen and bowlers. If the bowlers are not able to take wickets in the match due to some reason, the opposition team makes a long score on the board and gives the target. After that, the important role of the team’s batsman becomes to win the match.

If the team’s batsmen mean if a team bats first and their batsmen are not able to score a big score. So after that, it is the responsibility of the bowlers to defend that score by taking quick wickets. But cricket is a game of uncertainties, in which the game turns at any time.

Earlier there were some other rules, now some rules have been made, due to which the batsmen are getting the benefit, in earlier times 300 plus scores used to be very rare. But due to the rules change, most of the teams are now making 300+ scores easily. Difficulties have increased for bowlers, and fielding restrictions have been implemented for them. However, despite all this, they give wickets to the teams. Today we are going to read in this article who has taken the most wickets in ODI cricket.

If we talk about the list, then the list is very big, so we look at the Top 5 bowlers who have taken the most wickets.

5. Shahid Afridi, Pakistan | 395 wickets

Most Wickets In ODI Cricket
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Afridi was one of the best all-rounders in the world. He has taken 395 wickets in 398 matches in One Day International cricket. 7/22 was Afridi’s best bowling figure stats.

He used to play for Pakistan. He has also done the captaincy for the Pakistan team. Afridi was called Boom-Boom Afridi because he used to put long sixes. He is the second batsman in the world who has hit the most sixes in cricket. He made his ODI debut in 1996 and played for Pakistan till 2015. He was the best spinner in the world and one of the best spinners in Pakistan, he used to be their wicket-taker bowler.

4. Chaminda Vaas, Sri Lanka | 400 wickets

Most Wickets In ODI Cricket

Chaminda Vaas was the fast bowler of the Sri Lanka team and one of the best bowlers in the world, he was a left-hand fast bowler. He has taken 400 wickets in his 322 matches in One The International Cricket. No batsman could stand in front of his swing bowling. 8/19 was his best bowling figure stats and had an economy of 4.18

3. Waqar Younis, Pakistan | 416 wickets

Most Wickets In ODI Cricket
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Pakistan’s right-arm fast bowler Waqar has taken 416 wickets in 262 matches in one-day international cricket. He used to be the best bowler in Pakistan. He made his debut for Pakistan in 1989 and bowled for the Pakistan team till 2003 and won them some matches. His best bowling stats were 7 wickets for 36 runs and his economy was 4.68. At present, he is the cricket coach of Pakistan.

2. Wasim Akram, Pakistan | 502 wickets

Most Wickets In ODI Cricket
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Again in our list came a Pakistani bowler who has got second place in One Day International cricket by taking the most wickets. Wasim Akram has taken 502 wickets in 356 matches in his ODI career. He made his debut for the Pakistan team in 1984 and bowled till 2003 and he has won a lot of matches with his bowling. His best bowling stats were 5 wickets for 15 runs and his economy was also 3.89.

Pakistan has been a stronghold of bowlers, the best bowlers will meet only from the Pakistan team. That’s why Pakistan’s team is still considered the best because of their bowlers and their bowling side has been the strongest.

1. Muttiah Muralitharan, Sri Lanka | 534 wickets

Most Wickets In ODI Cricket
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Muttiah Muralitharan is the best bowler on the Sri Lanka team to date, Have not seen a spinner bowler like him yet. He has taken a maximum of 534 wickets in 350 matches played in his One Day International cricket and for many years this record has not been broken by any bowler. He is also sitting on the top list for taking the most wickets in Test cricket, he has made a record of 800 wickets in his Test career.

In 1993 he debut for the Sri Lanka team in ODI matches and till 2011 he was part of their team and played matches for them. 7 wickets for 30 runs have been his best bowling stats and his economy is 3.93. He was a right-arm spin bowler. At present, he is the coach of the Sri Lankan team. His name is always taken among the legend players, he is a very funny character. People all over the country respect him a lot.

Most Wickets In ODI For India

Most Wickets In ODI Cricket
image: Anil Kumble – Most ODI wicket-taker for India

The bowler who took the most wickets in One Day International cricket for India is former India captain Anil Kumble. He has taken 377 wickets in 271 matches played for India. He played One-Day International matches for India from 1990 to 2007. 6 for 12 runs in his best bowling stats in ODI. He was the first player in the world to take 10 wickets in a match.

Most 5 wicket-haul in ODI

Former Pakistani bowler Waqar Younis has taken 5 wickets 13 times in One Day International cricket.

The list of the Top 10 bowlers who took the most wickets in ODI (One Day International cricket) is as follows

RankPlayerCareerMatchesWicketsBest Bowling Figure5 Wicket Haul
1Muttiah Muralitharan (SL)1993-20113505347/30
2Wasim Akram (Pak)1984-20033565025/15
3Waqar Younis (Pak)1989-20032624167/36
4Chaminda Vaas (SL)1994-20083224008/19
5Shahid Afridi (Pak)
6SM Pollock (SA)1996-20083033936/35
7GD McGrath (Aus)1993-20072503817/15
8B Lee (Aus)2000-20122213805/22
9A Kumble (Ind)1990-20072713376/38
10SL Malinga (SL)2004-20192243346/12
top 10 highest wicket-taker

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