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List Of Orange Cap winners In IPL From 2008-2022

Indian Premier League is the biggest and most expensive domestic cricket in the world and it is played every year. IPL started in 2008 And this year its 15 years have been completed. This 15th season of 2022 was won by Gujarat Titans of IPL, which was their debut season this year.

Mumbai Indians have won the IPL title the most times, they have won the title 5 times in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020.

Chennai team won the IPL title 4 times in 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021

Kolkata Knight Riders won the IPL 2 times in 2012 and 2014

Rajasthan, Hyderabad, and Gujarat won the IPL 1 time

Rajasthan- 2008, Sunrisers Hyderabad- 2016, And Gujarat Titans- 2022

Deccan Chargers, which was a team from Hyderabad but was abolished after 2009, Hyderabad Deccan Chargers won the IPL title in 2009.

Here is The List Of Orange Cap Winners In IPL Of All Season

YearPlayerTeamRunsMatches50’s100’sHSAverageStrike rate
2008Shaun MarshPunjab616115111568.44139.68
2009Mathew HaydenChennai57216508952144.81
2010Sachin TendulkarMumbai61815508947.53132.61
2011Chris GayleBangalore608123210767.55183.13
2012Chris GayleBangalore733157112861.08160.74
2013Michael Hussey Chennai73317609552.35129.5
2014Robin Uthappa Kolkata66016508344137.78
2015David WarnerHyderabad 56214709143.23156.54
2016Virat KohliBangalore973167411381.08152.03
2017David WarnerHyderabad641174112658.27141.81
2018Kane WilliamsonHyderabad73514808452.5142.44
2019David WarnerHyderabad692128110069.2143.87
2020Lokesh RahulPunjab6701451132*55.83129.34
2021Ruturaj GaikwadChennai6351641101*45.35136.26
2022Jos ButtlerRajasthan863174411657.53149.05
Orange cap winners in IPL all season

Most Toss Losing Captain In An IPL Season

Shaun Marsh 616 Runs, From Kings11 Punjab, 2008

Shaun was the Orange Cap winner of IPL 2008, he used to play for the Punjab team. He scored the most runs that season. He scored 616 runs in his 11 matches, which included 5 half-centuries and 1 century.

Marsh played 71 matches in his IPL career and scored 2477 runs which included 1 century half and 20 half-centuries.

Mathew Hayden 572 Runs, From Chennai Super Kings, 2009

Hayden has played only for the Chennai franchise team, he scored the most runs for the Chennai team in 2009 and was the Orange Cap winner.

He had scored 5 half-centuries in that season’s IPL. Mathew Hayden has played only 32 matches in IPL in which he has scored 1107 runs and his IPL’s highest score was 93.

Sachin Tendulkar 618 runs, From Mumbai Indians, 2010

Sachin has played IPL matches only for the Mumbai franchise team, he has scored 2334 runs in 78 matches of his IPL career for Mumbai. Although Sachin was also the Orange Cap winner in 2010, he scored 618 runs in his 15 matches that season.

Tendulkar played for Mumbai from 2008 to 2013, after which he took retirement. But he is still playing the role of mentor of Mumbai Indians.

Chris Gayle 608 runs, Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2011

Orange Cap winners In IPL

Gayle is a very big and explosive batsman of 20 matches. He has played for many franchise teams in IPL. He made his IPL debut with the Kolkata team but in 2011 he was part of the Bangalore team.

Where he scored the most runs that season and won the Orange Cap title, He scored 608 runs in his 12 matches in the 2011 IPL season, which included 2 centuries and 3 half-centuries.

Jos Buttler In IPL: Buttler Leading All Major Awards Of IPL 2022

Chris Gayle 733 runs, From Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2012

Orange Cap winners In IPL

In 2012, Gayle was the Orange Cap winner for RCB for the second time in a row. He scored 733 runs in 15 matches played that season, including 7 half-centuries and 1 century.

Gayle played IPL for 13 years and in 2021 he took retirement from all forms of cricket. He has played 142 matches in his IPL career in which he has scored 4965 runs. In which he has made 6 centuries and 31 half-centuries in IPL.

Michael Hussey 733 runs, From Chennai Super Kings, 2013

Orange Cap winners In IPL

Hussey won the Orange Cap title in 2013 where he scored the most runs for Chennai that season. He scored 733 runs in his 17 matches, including 6 half-centuries. He played IPL from 2008 to 2015, after which he was made the coach of the Chennai team.

Michael played 59 matches in the entire IPL career in which he scored 1977 runs, his highest score was 116 not out.

Robin Uthappa 660 runs, From Kolkata Knight Riders, 2014

Orange Cap winners In IPL

Uthappa was an orange cap holder in 2014. He scored 660 runs in his 16 matches. Uthappa scored 5 half-centuries this season. Now Robin is playing for the Chennai team for the last 2 years.

David Warner 562 runs, From Sunrisers Hyderabad, 2015

Orange Cap winners In IPL

Warner started the IPL with the team Delhi, he made his IPL debut with the team of Delhi. But in 2014, Hyderabad included him in the team. He was then made the captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2015. Warner was an Orange Cap holder from the Hyderabad team in 2015. He scored 562 runs in 14 matches that season. In which he made 7 Half Centuries.

Highest Scores In IPL 2022 By An Individual Innings

Virat Kohli 973 runs, from Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2016

Orange Cap winners In IPL

Kohli is playing for the Bangalore team since 2008 And he was the Orange Cap winner in 2016, he scored 973 runs in that season, which is still the highest run-scorer in the history of IPL, in which he scored 4 centuries and 7 half-centuries in
that season.

David Warner 641 runs, From Sunrisers Hyderabad, 2017

Orange Cap winners In IPL

In 2017, he was the orange cap holder. he made 641 runs in his 12 matches. In which he had scored 4 half-centuries and 1 century in that season. He had the highest score of 126 and the strike rate was 141.81 with an average of 58.27.

Kane Williamson 735 runs, from Sunrisers Hyderabad, 2018

Williamson, captaining the Sunrisers in 2018, was the Orange Cap holder for the season where he scored 735 runs in 17 matches. He scored 8 half-centuries that season in which his highest score was 84.

Kane has scored 2101 runs in 76 matches of his IPL career with an average of 36.22. His highest score so far in the entire IPL season is 89.

2019, David Warner 692 runs, From Sunrisers Hyderabad

Warner was the Orange Cap holder of 2019, he scored the most runs for the Sunrisers Hyderabad team that season. He scored 692 runs in his 12 matches played in the Indian cricket, in which he scored 1 century and 8 half-centuries and the highest score was 100.

However, due to poor performance in 2021, Hyderabad released him from their team, and Delhi Capitals bought him. Warner is the second overseas player who has scored the most runs in IPL, he scored 848 runs in the 2016 IPL season.

KL Rahul 670 runs, from Kings11 Punjab, 2020

Orange Cap winners In IPL

Rahul had won the Orange Cap in 2020, he scored 670 runs and won the title of Orange Cap. He scored 670 runs in his 14 matches that season, which included 5 half-centuries and 1 century. Rahul is the only player who has scored 500+ runs in a row from the past 5 years in IPL.

In the 15th season of IPL this year, he was the captain of the new IPL team Lucknow Supergiant and he was also the 2nd most runs scorer. This year he scored 616 runs in 15 matches in which he also scored 2 centuries.

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Ruturaj Gaikwad 635 runs, From Chennai Super kings, 2021

Gaikwad was the winner of the Orange of 2021, he scored 635 runs in 16 matches played that season. He had hit his century in the same season, which is his best as well, he scored 101 runs, and he was unbeaten.

He made his debut in IPL in 2020 when he scored 4 half-centuries in 4 consecutive matches. His name had become popular in 2020 itself. He was an Orange Cap winner from the Chennai side after 2013. Michael Hussey won Orange Cap for Chennai in last 2013

Jos Buttler 863 runs, from Rajasthan Royals, 2022

Orange Cap winners In IPL

This year was the 15th season of IPL where the Orange Cap holder was Rajasthan’s, Buttler. He has been the only player from the Rajasthan team in 15 years of IPL so far who has won Orange Cap from the Rajasthan team. He has scored 863 runs in his game 17 matches, in which he made 4 centuries and 4 half-centuries. He is also the only overseas player who has scored 863 runs in a single season in IPL. His highest score this season is 116.

Some Related Questions Over IPL

Who won the Orange Cap the most times in IPL?

Only David Warner has won the Orange Cap title 3 times in the history of IPL.

Which team’s side has the most orange cap winners?

Sunrisers has been the Orange Cap winner for the most number of times from the Hyderabad team.

How many times have overseas players won the Orange Cap in IPL?

Overseas players have won the Orange Cap title 10 times in 15 seasons

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