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Kapil Dev Wife: Know Everything About Kapil Dev Wife

Who is Kapil Dev’s wife?

The great cricketer of Indian cricket who won India’s 1983 World Cup And Kapil Dev wife, who won the Indian Cricketer of the Year in 2002, is named Romi Bhatia. Both came into the relationship in 1979 a year later, they married each other in 1980. Both of them also have a daughter born on 16th January 1996, her name is Amiya Dev.

Kapil Dev Wife
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How did Kapil and Romi get married and how did they meet?

How can the marriage of a great cricketer come into the limelight? There is no love story of a great cricketer, it can’t happen because everyone is in love One day or the other, but if that love becomes a life partner, then nothing gives him great happiness in life. Such is the love story of our former Indian cricketer and Indian captain Kapil Dev.

Kapil Dev Wife
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The love story of Kapil Dev and his wife Romi Bhatia was also very famous at that time and even today the name of their love story is taken. Kapil Dev led India to win the World Cup in 1983 by defeating West Indies, the best team of that era. That’s why people started worshiping Kapil Dev.

Kapil Dev and Romi met at a party, this party was in Delhi, and both of them had a common friend Sunil Bhatia who had given an invitation to both them to the party. Both of them fell in love in the same meeting, although it was not their Proposal Day, after that they became very good friends. Indian former captain Kapil Dev then called Romi to watch the match which was to be played against West Indies in 1979. Surprisingly, Kapil Dev scored the first century of his Test career in the match.

Kapil Dev Wife
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How did Kapil Dev propose to his wife Romi?

In Kapil Dev’s book Triumph of the Spirit, he has told about his proposal, and how he proposed Romi Bhatia. We know that everyone has a different style of proposing and it takes a lot of guts for a girl to speak her heart. In a very filmy style, India’s great player Kapil Dev proposed to his wife Romi.

Kapil Dev Wife
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While traveling in the Mumbai local, a big advertising hoarding had come in front of them, which had Kapil Dev’s picture on it. The cricketer had immediately asked Romi to capture it and had offered her the idea that they can show this picture to their kids. Yes, you read it right, indeed a masterstroke from the cricketer. He had said,

"Dear, would you like to take pictures of this beautiful place? We can show the picture to our children in the future."

Romi Bhatia was surprised to see his proposal style and she was blushing at first, then took her time, and had finally agreed to his idea of togetherness later.

Kapil Dev and Romi Bhatia’s wedding

The news of their relationship was becoming increasingly viral, so they supported each other and married each other. After being in a relationship for a year, both of them got married to each other in 1980. After 16 years, their daughter was born in 1996, whose name is Amiya Dev.

Kapil Dev Wife
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In a recent interview, iconic filmmaker Kabir Khan confirmed that Kapil Dev’s daughter, Amiya Dev, worked as an assistant director on his film 83. The most-anticipated film of 2021, ’83,’ was released in cinemas on December 24, 2021

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Now the question is, who is Romi Bhatia after all? What did Romi Bhatia do?

Kapil Dev Wife

The wife of Kapil dev, Romi Bhatia is an entrepreneur and she runs her family business after marriage she started running Kapil Dev’s hotel. The name of the hotel is Kaptain Retreat, earlier it used to be named Kapil Hotel. This hotel is located in Chandigarh. The fearless lady had never shied away from talking about her relationship with Kapil Dev and had always been quite vocal about her personal life.


Name – Romi Bhatia

Age – 62 (as in 2022)

Profession – Enterprenuer

Spouse – Former Indian Cricketer Kapil Dev

Film/ biopic role – 83″ Deepika Padukone

Birth Place – Delhi, India

Nationality – Indian

Religion – Religion

Children – 1 Daughter (Amiya Dev)

Height – 5’5″

Hair Color– Dark Brown

Eye Color – Salt & Pepper

Some facts about Romi Bhatia

Kapil Dev Wife
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  • She told in her interview that she had to face a lot of problems regarding pregnancy. But after 16 years of their marriage, by the blessings of God, they got a daughter.
  • She is often spotted drinking alcohol at parties
Kapil Dev Wife
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  • In the year 2020, Kabir Khan made a film showing the biography of Kapil Dev, which is about winning the 1983 World Cup. In this film, famous actor Ranveer Singh played the role of Kapil Dev and Deepika Padukone played the role of Romi Bhatia.
  • Romi Bhatia’s net worth is around Rs. 10-15 crore. The businesswoman holds stakes in multiple companies and businesses, according to multiple reports.
Kapil Dev Wife
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The famous and Legend Cricketer of India Kapil Dev had an affair before meeting Romia Bhatia

Kapil Dev Wife
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Several cricketers have been linked to Bollywood heroines over the years and even a few openly spoke about their relationships. Many of such cases were mere rumors but a few cricketers got married to actresses from the Hindi film industry. Cricket legend Kapil Dev and Sarika Kapur were in a relationship, though they never spoke about it publicly.

both Kapil and Sarika were at the pinnacles of their career at the time when they met. They were introduced to each other by Manoj Kumar’s wife Shashi Goswami at a party. They became friends and started meeting each other. Very soon, that friendship blossomed to love. There were also reports that Kapil took Sarika to Punjab for a meeting with his parents. Both were quite serious about each other but Kapil changed his mind after meeting Romi Bhatia. According to media reports, their friendship started turning into love, it was also reported that Kapil had taken Sarika to meet his family.

Kapil Dev Wife
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Both were quite serious about each other but Kapil changed his mind after meeting Romi Bhatia. According to media reports, their friendship started turning into love, it was also reported that Kapil had taken Sarika to meet his family.

Who Is Sarika?

Kapil Dev Wife
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Sarika Thakur was an Indian actress who was the ex-wife of the film industry’s famous actor Kamal Haasan. She was born in Delhi. Kamal Haasan and Sarika got divorced in the year 2004, and both of them have 2 daughters Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan.

Kapil Dev Wife
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