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Fastest 100 In ODI So Far (2022)

Who scored the fastest 100 in ODI?

We have seen a lot of centuries being made in One Day International cricket and it is common to become a century and scoring a century in cricket is no less than an achievement for a batsman. But this is a big deal in scoring the fastest 100 in ODI by playing fewer balls. One such great player in South Africa has also been their former cricketer and former captain. AB De Villiers, the explosive batsman of South Africa, has scored the fastest 100 in ODI in the world.

Fastest 100 In ODI
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By the way, let us tell you that Dennis Amis scored a century in the first One Day International cricket in the world. He made this alert in 1972 while playing a match against Australia, this match was played at Old Trafford, England. Where he scored 103 runs after facing 134 balls.

It is a matter of luck for a batsman to score a century in cricket, every batsman wants to be alert for his team. According to the earlier rules, so many cautious were not seen, but as the generation changed, the rules were healed and the way of playing of the batsmen also changed, all the earlier batsmen used to play according to the situation of the match and today the batsmen come and start putting boundaries in the first powerplay.

Now we get to see a century in almost every match, although it becomes a bit difficult to score a century in the T20. But now it is easy to be Scored a century even in T20 cricket. Next, you are going to read in this post, which player has scored the fastest century in ODI cricket?

Best Finisher In The World (21st Century)

The list is huge if the fastest century in history is scored, so we will only look at the top 5

5. Brian Lara vs Bangladesh – 45 balls (October 1999)

Fastest 100 In ODI
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Brain Lara is One such name in the world of cricket where only the legend’s name is taken. This great former player from West Indies is very famous all over the world. He has made many records in the history of cricket. He made the fastest century in ODI in 45 balls. This was the second ODI match of the series which was being played in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 9 October 1999.

Batting first, West Indies scored 314 runs for the loss of 6 wickets. Where West Indies’ former player Brian Lara scored the fastest 45 balls century. Although he scored 117 runs in his entire innings in 62 balls which included 18 fours and 4 sixes. And this match was won by West Indies by 109 runs. Brian Lara holds the record for scoring the most 400 runs in Test cricket so far, he scored 400 runs in a single inning.

4. Mark Boucher vs Zimbabwe – 44 balls (September 2006)

Fastest 100 In ODI
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Former cricketer of South Africa or their wicket-keeper batsman Mark Boucher made the ODI century in just 44 balls that’s why he is in the 4th number in our list. South Africa won this match by 171 runs over Zimbabwe.

3rd One Day cricket match of the series which was played in Potchefstroom, September 20, 2006. While batting first, South Africa scored 418 runs and lost 5 wickets. Where wicket-keeper Mark Boucher, who came to bat in the middle order, made alert in 44 balls. Although he played in the entire innings, he scored 148 runs in 68 balls which included 8 fours and 10 sixes. he could not play cricket for long due to a ball in the eye. He was the number 1 and best wicketkeeper in the world before the dhoni.

Lowest Score In ODI Cricket So Far

3. Shahid Afridi vs Sri Lanka – 37 balls (October 1996)

Fastest 100 In ODI
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Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi holds the record for the third fastest century in ODIs, which was then the fastest for almost 18 years, against Sri Lanka in 1996. It was the first time he was batting in international cricket.

Squaring off against the Lankans at the KCA Centenary Tournament in Nairobi, the feisty all-rounder came at No. 3 and set up a 126-run partnership with opener Saeed Anwar. Scoring a century in just 37 balls, Afridi hit 6 fours and 11 sixes at a strike rate of 255 during his blitz. He lost his wicket 3 balls after completing his century as Pakistan went on to score 371 and beat their subcontinental rivals by 82 runs.

He was the best all-rounder in Pakistan. Afridi is the second batsman who has hit the most sixes in cricket.

2. Corey Anderson vs West Indies – 36 balls (January 2014)

Fastest 100 In ODI
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New Zealand all-rounder and left-handed batsman Corey Anderson made ODI’s third-fastest century in just 36 balls. Corey specializes in hitting big sixes.

3rd One Day International match of the series was played at Queenstown, on January 01, 2014. While batting first, New Zealand scored 284 runs, losing 4 wickets on the board. He scored 131 runs in his entire innings in just 47 balls which included 6 fours and 14 sixes. New Zealand won this match by 159 runs over West Indies.

Highest Score In ODI So Far

1. AB de Villiers vs West Indies – 31 balls (January 2015)

Fastest 100 In ODI
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Former cricketer and captain South African batsman AB de Villiers currently holds the record for the fastest century in ODIs taking just 31 balls to reach his hundred. 

In 2015, when West Indies visited South Africa. Where the ODI match was played on 18 January 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Villiers scored a total of 149 runs in that match. His dazzling performance includes 16 sixes and 9 fours. His average strike rate in One Day International cricket is 101.07. He is considered one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

Who Scored The Fastest Century in ODI For India?

Fastest 100 In ODI
via: Virat Kohli. (Photo by ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP/Getty Images)

Indian team’s former captain Virat Kohli has scored the fastest century for India, he made this alert in 52 balls against Australia. Australia came to India to play the one-day series of 7 matches in the year 2013. Where the second match of the series was played on October 16, 2013, in Jaipur, India.

Where Australia, batting first, scored 359 runs on Board, losing their 5 wickets. And India scored 362 runs while chasing that too by losing only 1 wicket. Where Kohli scored 100 runs in 52 balls which included 8 fours and 7 sixes. However, India’s captain Rohit Sharma scored the most runs in that match, scoring 141 runs in 123 balls. This was India’s most successful run chase if in the history of cricket.

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