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Best Finisher In The World (21st Century)

Who is the Best Finisher in the world?

The role of a finisher would have been huge in cricket. Because even if the game starts, whether slow or fast, its finishing should be the best. In cricket, the role of a finisher becomes very big. The team’s best finisher gets you to the safe score. Every cricket team has such a finisher. In this article, we will know further who is the best finisher in the world so far. The best finisher is called one who performs consistently for his team and finishes every match with the best of the best.

It is needed more in ODI and T20. The best finisher is said to be the one who scores maximum runs in fewer balls, his strike rate should be the highest, and most importantly, the best finisher is not the only one who finishes the match by batting fast in the middle order. A batsman can also finish the match, an all-rounder can also do it whether he is an opener or a middle-order batsman. And even after batting first, the match can be finished well, even after chasing the target, the match can be finished.

Highest Score In ODI So Far

The list of best finishers in the world in cricket is very big, so we will know about the top 5 best finishers from here.

5. Jos Buttler

Best Finisher In The World

Buttler is the wicket-keeper batsman of the England team and he is the best finisher of the England team. Its special thing is that he can bat anywhere in the batting order, whether it is opening or middle order. He made his One Day International (ODI) debut for the England team in 2012, made his T20i debut in 2011, and made his Test debut in 2014. he is known in the world as an explosive batsman. Because his style of playing cricket is stormy. When he comes to the crease, he starts playing big shots.

Career Stats of Buttler

In ODIHe played 150 matches in which he has scored 4034 runs, his highest score is unbeaten on 162 runs. He recently scored against the Netherlands and Buttler has scored the fastest century from the England side in ODI. He has so far scored 10 Centuries and 20 half-centuries in ODI with a 40.34 average and 121.03 strike rate

T20 stats – He is a very big player in T20i, although he got such a big name in IPL because of IPL. He started opening in IPL itself and England also made him a T20 opener due to his performance. He has played 88 matches so far in T20I in which he has scored 2140 runs and his highest score is 101*.

In Test – He has played 57 matches so far, in which he has scored 2907 runs, which includes 2 centuries and 18 half-centuries. His highest score on the test is 152 and the average is 31.94.

4. Glenn Maxwell

Best Finisher In The World

Maxwell is in a lot of news lately because recently he married his girlfriend Vini Raman this year. Maxwell is a very famous cricketer in Australia and he has become an important part of his team. For his team, he plays the role of a middle-order batsman and best finisher. His style of playing makes him very famous because when he comes, he starts hitting big sixes. That’s why he is called the explosive batsman of the world.

Stats Of His Career in Cricket

ODI – He made his ODI debut for Australia in 2012 and so far he has played 119 matches in which he has scored 3373 runs. His highest score is 108 and his strike rate is 126.4. In which he has scored 2 centuries and 23 half-centuries.

T20i – In T20 he made his debut in 2012 in which he has played 87 matches so far in which he has scored 2017 runs and 145 not out is his highest score. His t20 includes 3 centuries and 9 half-centuries.

Test – Maxwell made his Test debut for Australia in 2013. He has not played many test matches because he could not take his place in the test much. He has played only 7 test matches so far in his career. He scored 339 runs and his highest score was 104 runs.

3. Keiron Pollard

Best Finisher In The World
West Indies skipper Kieron Pollard. Image Courtesy: Twitter @ICC

Pollard is an all-rounder cricketer of the West Indies, although Pollard has retired from all formats of international matches in 2022. He was a dangerous batsman, he used to hit only sixes in more tar matches. He made the record of hitting 6 sixes in 6 balls against Sri Lanka in 2021 last year. He used to be the best finisher of the West Indies and he used to build the match according to the situation. He has been the captain of the West Indies team.

Lowest Score In ODI Cricket So Far

His Career Records in Cricket

ODI – In 2007, he made his ODI debut and played 123 matches in which he scored 2706 runs in which his highest score was 119 and which also includes 3 centuries and 13 half-centuries.

T20i – Pollard made his debut in T20i in 2008 in which he played 101 matches for the West Indies team in which he has scored 1569 runs. 75 not out was his highest score and also scored 6 half-centuries.

Test – It is surprising that such a big player has never played a test match.

2. Shahid Afridi

Best Finisher In The World

Afridi is one of the best finishers in the world and he has also been a former Pakistan cricketer and captain. He was an all-rounder player of Pakistan who used to do both bowling and fielding. Whether it is bowling or batting, they have excellent records in both. Afridi is the player in the world who has the second-highest number of sixes.

His Records In Cricket

ODI – He made his debut in ODI in 1996 and took retirement in 2015 from One de Matches. He played 398 matches in ODIs in which he has scored 8064 runs, his highest score was 124, which included 6 centuries and 39 half-centuries.

T20I – From 2006 to 2018 he played Twenty20 for Pakistan in which he played 99 matches and scored 1416 runs. In which 4 half-centuries have been made and the highest score is 54 not out.

Test – Debut in test in 1998 and played test till 2010 in which he played 27 matches and scored 1716 runs in which 156 was his highest score.

1. MS Dhoni

Best Finisher In The World

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a legend player of India and has been a former captain. India’s Dhoni is the best finisher in the world. His name is very famous in the world, he has also been the number 1 wicket-keeper in the world.

Career Stats of Dhoni

ODI – Played for India from 2004 to 2019, in which he played 350 matches and scored 10773 runs, his highest score was 183 * runs. His average was 50.6, which included 10 centuries and 73 half-centuries.

T20I – Dhoni made his T20 debut in 2006 and also won the T20 World for India in 2007. He played 98 matches in which he scored 1617 runs including 2 half-centuries.

Test – He made his Test debut in 2005 and played for India till 2015. In which he played 90 matches and scored 4876 runs. Includes 6 centuries and 33 half-centuries

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